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Lab as a service

We take care of all non-scientific work – like construction, equipment, operations and services, so that you can free your mind to focus on science and feel inspired.


time and cost for construction & lab operation


lab facilities space & furniture electricity water / heat / Cooling, facility management lab operation post & laundry


common equipment meeting rooms shared office lesure room

Free Use of

liquid nitrogen sifi / internet storage lab coat coffee & snacks

Access to

imaging facility, animal facility, clinical development

IP free

Protecting intellectual property and confidentiality is first priority

BSL 1 (to 2*)

Standard ready to move-in lab or custumization


we provide common equipment, and solutions for special equipment


lab cleaning waste management chemical ordering lab coordination concierge


on business consultancy and fundraising

Flexible lease

start with 6 months

Our lab coordinators take care of non-science work in labs such as CMMS, instrument care, vendor management, equipment validation support, daily calibrations, set-up & support of the scientific assets etc. Scientists win 30% time for scientific work!

Equipment Solution

We provide common equipment to share, and solutions for our tenants regarding special equipment.

Superlab Suisse residents benefit from privileged access to high-end infrastructure, equipment and technology platforms on Biopôle campus, a wide ranging from cell imaging facility, animal facility to clinical development.

Contact us for lab, equipment and service details.

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