About Us

About Us

Scientists are the most brilliant minds on the planet.
They intensively inject their love, focus imagination, intuition, curiosity, courage, and all of their energy into researching better solutions for humanity.

Superlab is extremely honored to support these great people.
We save them time, and free their minds to focus, by servicing, sourcing, sharing and funding. We aim to help them grow and accelerate.

Zhang XI

Chairman | CEO

Karim Sghaier

Vice President | CFO

Dr. Thilo Schröder

Board Member

Gerd Voith

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Peter. F. Weibel

Advisory Board Member

Matthias Weissl


About Our Partners


Biopôle life sciences campus in Lausanne, Switzerland might just be the perfect location for your organisation – whether you’re an ambitious start-up or a major multinational.

Biopôle is home to over 1,700 people from the world’s most innovative life sciences companies and research groups, so you’ll be at the centre of a constant flow of ideas that cross boundaries, generations and disciplines – part of the spirit of collaboration that drives our whole community.