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No.1 professional laboratory provider in Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland

Since July 2021

Basel, Switzerland

April 2024 Reservation now open!

Zurich, Switzerland

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Lab as a service

Superlab Suisse -Lab as a Service- includes innovatively designed laboratory facilities and state-of-the-art equipment as well as professional and concierge services and funding support for companies working in biotech, pharma and medtech. The serviced, ready-to-move-into laboratory allows companies to focus their investment on innovation rather than fitting out space, while the extended service and concierge offering will allow young entrepreneurs to save a significant amount of time and thus focus on their innovation.

the labs of the future

The concept was born of a deep sense of admiration for scientific researchers and their work, and reinvented the components that make up the laboratory environment with the aim of not only bolstering efficiency but also improving the researchers’ experience of their workplace, thus giving them their first taste of the labs of the future.

If you need lab space or are interested in becoming a Member, you are welcome to contact to us for an exclusive visit.

How our members talk about us

‘Superlab is exactly the place what scientific community needs, where we can concentrate on our work without being distracted by construction or operation. Superlab provided us with state of the art infrastructure and equipments that we needed to hit the ground running from day 1. Since we moved here, we have made substantial progress in advancing our pipeline and validating innovative ideas.’

Dr. Rajwinder Lehal

‘Superlab Suisse Lausanne has provided HAYA Therapeutics with the ideal launch pad to scale the company with the excellent facilities and team on site, always there to support’

Samir Ouznzain, PhD
HAYA Therapeutics

‘Superlab is a great place to work in a vibrant scientific community. The Tigen team can focus on growth, supported by state-of-the-art facilities, latest equipment and a competent and fun Superlab team to support on-site.’

Emmanuel Savioz
CEO & Chairman
Tigen Pharma